Here is a list of awesome tips and resources that I plan to share in the upcoming weeks. I am still editing most of them. But watch this space for ongoing updates. Or sign up to my mailing list to receive new posts as they are published!


Information For People Who Want To Purchase A Thermomix

Things You Should Know When You First Get Your Thermomix

  • Thermomix Recipe Abbreviations
  • Pantry List
  • Using A Generator To Take Your Thermomix Camping Glamping
  • How To Save Money Using Your Thermomix
  • Where To Buy Nuts From
  • Co-Ops and Bulk Buying
  • What NOT to do when you first get your Thermomix!
  • Why You Should Host A Learning Demonstration
  • Thermomix Cooking Classes
  • How To Use Your Varoma
  • The Difference Between The Old Thermomix TM31 and the New Thermomix TM5
  • 5 Safety Tips You Need To Know About Your TM5

How To’s…

  • How To Use Your Thermo Server
  • How To Clean Your Thermomix
  • How To Use The Recipe Community
  • How To Save Money Using Your Thermomix
  • How To Use The Recipe Platform For Meal Planning
  • How To Put A Pin Lock On Your Thermomix
  • How To Change The Background Colour On Your TM5 Screen
  • How To Get Rid Of Brown Stains From Your Thermomix Bowl

Thermomix Recipe Inspiration

Famous Thermomix Ambassadors and Bloggers 

Baby Food – Purees & Baby Led Weening

  • Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe
  • The Difference Between Purees vs. Baby Led Weening (BLW)
  • Thermomix Recipes For The Kids
  • Using Breast Milk In Baby Food
  • How To Make 3 weeks of Baby Food In Less Than 45 minutes.

Healthy Eating

  • 7 Foods That Can Heal Your Body
  • Eating Paleo
  • The Whole 30
  • What is rapadura sugar and why is it better for Thermomix cooking?
  • What is the difference between using olive oil and other oils?

Cooking From Scratch

  • All Things Coconut
  • All Things Almond

Meal Planning

  • How To Use The Recipe Platform

Sia’s Thermomix Journey

Sia’s Recipes

  • Risogalo
  • Raw Mango Cake
  • Raw Fig Cake

Consultant Resources




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