The Basic Cook Book 

You will automatically receive the Basic Cook Book when you purchase your Thermomix. It comes with a chip (for the TM5) and it is an excellent guide to help you learn about your new Thermomix.

However, you will soon want more recipe inspiration. Every family is different so it is best to find recipes that will suit your style of cooking or your diet and lifestyle.

The Basic Cook Book - Thermomix ChipThe Recipe Community

I encourage you to check out all the free recipes on the RC (Thermomix Recipe Community) and also from other Thermomix bloggers who share recipes online.

Official Thermomix Cook Books

Here are all of the official Thermomix Cook Books. You can purchase them directly online from the Thermomix in Australia website or from your consultant.

Thermomix Cook Book & Chip Packs

  • Basic Cook Book (BCB) – Comes with your TM5 when you purchase it. If you have purchased a Thermomix second hand then make sure that you also receive this book + chip. If you need a new one because your book is damaged, lost or dirty then you can purchase it online or from your consultant.
  • Cooking For Me and You – This cook book is available with the chip and it’s great for people who want to cook smaller portion sizes such as single people living on their own, empty nesters or couples.
  • Everyday Cooking For Thermomix Families – This cook book is available with the chip and it’s great for families and larger portion size meals.
  • Festive Flavours – This cook book is available with the chip. It has some great recipes for Christmas but for all festive occasions throughout the year. It also has gift ideas – gifts of food that you can give at Christmas time or for a house warming etc.

My Thermomix Cook Books (Books Which I Have Earned As A Consultant)

unnamed-49Thermomix Cook Books On My Wish List

  • Something For Everyone
  • Greek Cook Book + Chip
  • In The Mix 1 & 2
  • I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix
  • Lunchbox & After School Ideas
  • Rawlicious

Other Thermomix Cook Books

  • Everyday Cookbook (EDC)
  • A South African Odyssey
  • Additive Alert
  • A Seafood Bounty
  • A Taste Of Asia
  • Cooking Passions – Delicious Journeys
  • Cooking On A Budget
  • Devil Of A Cook Book
  • Entertaining with Nico
  • Fast and Easy Indian Cooking
  • Healthy Eating With Cyndi O’Meara
  • Meat On The Menu
  • The Best of Our Recipe Communities
  • Whole Food With Jude Blereau

Obviously you don’t need all of these books and it can be difficult to decide which books to get first. I encourage you to go along to a demo or a cooking class. There are always cook books at those events. You can see what the books look like and flick through before actually buying it.

Merry Christmix Thermomix By Tenina HolderBlogger Cook Books

There are some amazing bloggers on line. Many of them have published their own cook books. As a Thermomix Consultant I believe it is my duty to tell you that these book have not been officially tested by Thermomix in Australia. You should take this warning seriously and follow the guidelines from your User Manual when making any of the recipes.

Having said that, here are some books that you might like to research:

Alyce Alexandra

Nikalene From Skinnymixers 

Jo & Tracey From Sistermixin

Tenina From Cooking With Tenina

Leone From ThermoFun

Joe & Bec From The 4 Blades + Peta From The Road To Loving My Thermomixer:

  • Mag Issue 01 – The Tea Party Issue
  • Mag Issue 02 – The Christmass Issue
  • Mag Issue 03 – The Healthy New Year Issue
  • Mag Issue 04 – The Lunch Box Issue
  • Mag Issue 05 – The Steaming Issue
  • Mag Issue 06 – The Celebrations Issue
  • Mag Issue 07 – The Breakfast Issue
  • Mag Issue 08 – The Winter Warmers Issue
  • Mag Issue 09 – The Desserts Issue
  • Mag Issue 10 – The Budge Issue
  • Mag Issue 11 – The Picnic Issue
  • Mag Issue 12 – The Made in 30 Issue
  • Mag Issue 13 – The Party Issue
  • Mag Issue 14 – The Festive Issue

Each of The 4 Blades Magazines are available to download from your phone or tablet. Here is the link for more download information: The 4 Blades Magazine

The 4 Blades

The 4 Blades Magazine

What Thermomix Cook Books Do You Use?

I would love to know. Please leave a comment and tell me your favourites.





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