Here are a few things about me:Sia Dressing Ari

1. I’m A Mum

As a first time mum (FTM) everything is brand new to me. I’m learning as I go along. Sometimes I like to share some of my learnings (if I think they might be helpful) but mostly I just write stuff down to clear my own mind. It helps me to refocus and figure things out.

2. I Like To Help People

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts more than anything else. However I do believe that we all learn from each others stories and experiences. My one wish for this blog is that I’ve helped someone. Perhaps I might answer a question that you have or provide some inspiration for an experience or goal that you are planning in the future. Maybe it’s just nice to know that someone else in the world is going through something similar to you. I know that I learn heaps from reading other people’s blogs, I hope that I can do the same for you.

3.  I’m A Thermomix Consultant

In 2015 I became a Thermomix Consultant. I wanted to make my own baby food for my little one (LO) and I knew that having a Thermomix would enable me to do that + a whole heap more! I  couldn’t afford to buy one at the time so I worked my pregnant butt off to earn one. It was so much fun and I’m super happy that I did it.

Now I am sharing my Thermomix journey with my clients and also with anyone who wants to listen to me rave on about it!

4. My real name is Aspasia. 

It’s Greek tradition to name your children after your parents so Aspasia is my real name and it is also my grandmother’s name too. Most people can’t pronounce my full name so I shorten it to Sia. That’s a typical Aussie thing to do… shorten peoples names.

5. I am a Greek Aussie

You probably already guessed that from the last fact. I’m a second generation Greek. My parents were also born here in Australia but my grandparents are all from Greece originally. I’m on a personal journey to discover more about my Greek heritage. I don’t speak much Greek and Im not a very good cook but Im working on both of those things.

6.  I blog about Greek Weddings and other Greek Traditions 

I have two blogs. This one (www.siasplace.me) where I share stuff about whatever is going on in my life at the time I feel link writing and my other blog which is about Greek Weddings and Greek Traditions. Here is the link if you would like to take a look:

Greek Weddings & Traditions Blog

Greek Weddings

I also sell beautiful hand made gifts at the Greek Wedding Shop. Here is the link:

Greek Wedding Shop

Greek Wedding Shop

7. I Teach

Before becoming a mum / full time blogger I did lots other things. I am a high school teacher and a business coach. I also train teams who work in hospitality like baristas, wait staff and chefs. I still do a little bit of coaching and training for a handful of special clients but mostly I have retired from the hospitality industry. I might go back to high school teaching one day… maybe. But that wont be for a while. My current goal is to stay at home with my baby boy for as long as possible.

8. My Husband is A Body Builder

9. I Like To Travel

10. I Love Hot Yoga


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