Appliances That A Thermomix Can Replace

This is a pretty cool video I found on Facebook! It has inspired me to write a list of all the appliances that a Thermomix can replace. If you know someone who is thinking about investing in a Thermomix, you should send them this list. It could be helpful.

A Thermomix replaces so many other appliances. It is a great space saver and it keeps your kitchen free from clutter.

Many people who purchase a Thermomix will often sell their other appliances on gumtree or ebay. It is just so much easier to have one appliance sitting on your kitchen bench than having a bunch of appliances hidden in the cupboard or up high on a shelf. It’s less to clean and less to worry about.

Here is a list of appliances that a Thermomix can replace:

  • Kitchen Scales
  • Steamer
  • Butter Churner
  • Flour Mill
  • Bread Maker
  • Bar Mix
  • Food Processor
  • Juicer
  • Mixer
  • Rice Cooker
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Egg Beater
  • Stove Top
  • Meat Mincer
  • Baby Food Machine

Here is what you still need to keep in your kitchen:

  • Oven – you still need an oven to bake. Although the Thermomix can cook at high temperatures you need to use your oven to bake bread, cakes, muffins etc. You can cook potatoes and a whole chicken in your varoma dish but in my opinion this is not the same as roasting chicken and potatoes in your oven.
  • Kettle – you can boil water in your Thermomix but it takes a lot longer than a kettle (about 7-10 minutes). So, if you are making a cup of tea, I’d suggest that you use your kettle. However if you are camping, heating water in your Thermomix may come in handy. Tip:
  • Knives and a chopping board – the Thermomix does chop for you, but you still need to cut your vegetables, meat etc so that they are at a recommended size. Tip: what every you put in your Thermomix should be able to fit through the whole in the lid both vertically and horizontally (approx. 3cm wide)
  • Freezer – you can make ice-cream in your Thermomix but it is important to know that a Thermomix does not have a freezing function. You need to use ice or frozen fruit to make ice-cream/sorbet that you can eat instantly or put an ice-cream mixture in the freezer over night to freeze.
  • Toaster – If you want toast, use a toaster. But remember, you can make fresh bread dough in your Thermomix and that always makes for amazing toast.
  • Air Fryer – I don’t have one of these yet but I want one. Definetley goes well with a Thermomix.
  • Zoodle Maker – If you want zoodles, then you need a zoodle maker! Get one, especially if you have a Thermomix. Zoodles are awesome.
  • BBQ/Grill – There is nothing like grilling meat on a BBQ. You just can’t compare it with anything else. However, you can use your Thermomix to make some aweome meat marinates and seasonings for your meat.

My honest opinion about other appliances:

  • Slow Cooker – A Thermomix can produce really delicious, tender food that is similar to the food that you would cook in a slow cooker. Technically, it takes a shorter amount of time to cook “slow cooked” food in a Thermomix. For example: 8 hours in a slow cooker might be about 2 hours in a Thermomix. In my opinion, 2 hours in a Thermomix is a long time in the “Thermomix world”. Especially when you are used to doing everything else so quickly. Plus, you can’t turn on your Thermomix in the morning, leave it all day and come home to cooked food. It doesn’t work like that. So, depending on the day, I still like to use my slow cooker.
  • Rice Cooker – Some rice cookers have a timer on them. You can set the timer and come home to cooked rice at the end of the day. This is really convienict and not a feature of the Thermomix. Also, you need rice as a side dish to some other recipes such as butter chicken. If i’m making butter chicken in my Thermomix, I’ll use a rice cooker at the same time.

What appliances have you stopped using since you got a Thermomix?

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